Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Purchasing Power of Money is an Indicator of Economic Disease.

Power is at your fingertips! That is the reason for having a medium of exchange. It is by the means of a medium of exchange that the barriers that exist in barter disappear.

With this powerful tool - money - the market process accelerates and all types of exchanges flourish. The language of the market then functions at a high level leading to much coordination and cooperation. Money has purchasing power!

This is the condition of the economy when it is 'healthy.' This is the way the divine economy works.

But then we have entry into the system by ego-driven interventionists who have as their objective to 'correct' the economy in their favor. One of the symptoms of this disease - interventionism - is the loss of purchasing power. Its ramifications are greater than just a decrease in purchasing power since it also causes discoordination, and it causes partisan bickering rather than cooperation.

Therefore the purchasing power of money is an indicator of economic disease or of economic health. In an economy free from intervention the purchasing power of money is always increasing, as depicted in the Divine Economy Model ©.

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Anonymous said...

greatly spoken,it is fuuny how some ego-driven political clowns think they can control market action by intervention.sometimes i wonder why some humans have a false sense of importance that they think they can override the basic laws of are doing a great work.