Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Athletes, Explorers and Profit Seekers are Noble!

What is the difference between profit and loss? The difference is the correct decision made about a future event! Because of uncertainty there is always risk involved in decisions.

What are some analogies to profit and loss? If I am an athlete I choose a difficult and often grueling lifesyle to master enough skill to be the best. What if I lose the competition?

If I am an explorer I am trying to find the object of my quest? Not every explorer succeeds.

But if I am the best athlete and I win the medal or if I am the explorer and I make the discovery, am I scorned as evil and labeled with unpure motives? No! The same human quality is being exercised by all of these noble individuals. The profit seeker is aspiring in a field of endeavor just like the athlete or the explorer.

To scorn profit seeking degrades our human reality just like scorning an explorer would degrade our human reality. If an explorer uses methods considered uncivilized (for example, the early American explorers used native people to facilitate their explorations) the 'institution' of human exploration is not denigrated. The ignorance of the explorer is recognized as the historical condition and is seen as a weakness, but the idea of exploration as a noble deed is always held up.

To be just the same 'rule' needs to be applied to profit seeking. The profit seeker can always be refined and made more perfect but the idea of 'exploration' for profit opportunities needs to be justly seen as a noble and exalted deed.

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Anonymous said...

I agree to a point, take tonya harding, steriod users, exploring while exploiting people, and business by supression of workers...walmart, apple in china, if you only win at others expense that's not truly winning...you must not cheat to be noble that is the only way to gain respect...if your company ruins the environment and people lives so you and your investers can turn a profit...your a loser...think about it, trash talk with athletes is the same...shut up and win...lets the world do the bragging for you....that's my two cents...RestoreAmericaj