Tuesday, July 02, 2013

International Free Trade

Essentially it is important to recognize that the economy works at all times and it works regardless of scale. The same benefits that come to an individual when taking part in exchange in the market occur with trade at the international level.
Only international free trade allows the potential prosperity within the economy to be fully released. Only international division of labor under a system of secure property rights and free trade brings the resources of the world to the market efficiently and with justice — for all to enjoy. Artificial and imaginary boundary restrictions are simply interventions that lessen the prosperity that can come from an unhampered economy and these interventions do damage to the advancement of civilization.

Divine Economy Theory Policy #10: International Free Trade

All trade barriers interfere with the divine economy and cause unnecessary suffering. ‘Free trade’ agreements are really acts of intervention and therefore are a misnomer. Free trade, in reality, is action not words and free trade will occur automatically and naturally if the ego-driven interventionists are removed from the picture.

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