Thursday, June 13, 2013

Counteract The Misinformation About Capital.

There is a very difficult educational task ahead to counteract the institutionalized prejudice against capitalism. Capital has been maligned and misunderstood for so long that most people feel that capital is not really a part of themselves — that it is outside of themselves. One goal of the educator will be to help people to see that every choice or act to improve oneself is capital in process and capital made manifest. And the improvement made is then an advancement and the starting point for the next step.

Appreciation of capital, when seen as honoring one’s own progress, will go a long way towards reversing the poisonous bigotry directed at capital which permeates the world today.  The anti-capitalist mentality is a malady emanating from Marxism, socialism and much of empirical economics. It stems from a combination of atheism and the adherence to an incorrect methodology for the social sciences, and it leads to a removal of capital from its proper place in the human psyche. Our inherent nature — when it is properly educated — declares capital to be a vital part of the human operating system.

Divine Economy Theory Policy #8:  Counteract the Misinformation About Capital      
Encourage providers of education to recognize that every improvement an individual makes — their education, for example — is a form of capital. Then instead of spreading negative impressions about capital the education system will compliment itself for being a contributor to capital formation around the world and will empower the next generation with knowledge about this factor — capital. This is a significant contribution to an ever-advancing civilization since capital is the most limiting factor in the economy.
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