Sunday, May 19, 2013

Enforcement of Property Rights

Corollary to having well-defined and refined property rights is the strengthening of the legal system such that it can effectively enforce property rights. The best means to protect private property rights is to strengthen the role of private providers since there is often a conflict of interest when the State is involved in protecting private property rights. Both the definition of property rights and the ability to enforce property rights are currently very weak, even weaker than they were 100 years ago.
Divine Economy Theory Policy #4: Enforcement of Property Rights
Policy Statement: A rational policy would be to initially begin enforcing property rights at the level of the individual, and then to learn how best to refine property rights from these efforts. Within each community this right and responsibility exists and needs to be given due attention. The proper role of government is to protect its citizens from fraud or acts of violence by enforcing property rights, however, competition by private providers of legal protection will ensure that the best means of enforcing property rights is always available.

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