Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Laissez-Faire Natural Order Is Now Modeled In The Divine Economy Theory.

"Say, like Molinari, went to great pains to denounce the use of force in all human affairs, especially when used by the state or the privileged political class. The state was nothing more than a tool used by the politically privileged to maintain an "artificial order" which endures only through force...the greatest enemies of the laissez-faire liberals were the monopolies, whether granted to privileged individuals or exercised by the state itself."
 --Chapter 24. David Hart. Gustave de Molinari and the Anti-statist Liberal Tradition

The interesting, commonly-agreed-upon part of this statement is that there is an 'artificial order' that is diametrically opposed to laissez-faire. This implies that there is a natural order that laissez-faire operates within. The classical liberals hinted at this and made numerous contributions of tidbits down throughout history about this natural order. The breakthrough in economic science right now is the discovery of a way to model this natural order and that is what the divine economy theory is all about!

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