Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is Macroeconomics Or Microeconomics More Original?

We must try to understand the world and how it works - the economy and how it works - within the context of the whole. For example, secession is a macroeconomic policy that is a reflection of individual sovereignty. And for example, money is a medium of exchange that is a tool for macroeconomic efficiency which reflects an individual's desire for efficiency, or in other words, the disutility of labor. Macro and micro are inseparable, there is no doubt, but to amass a body of work known as economics there has to be a desire to understand the world holistically.

The fact that there is no disconnect at the level of the individual shows the continuity across the micro and macro levels. And the fact that human action is the source of all economics does not discount the importance and complexity of the dynamics of the market.

Deducing, using the subjectivist methodology, from the macro level leads to confirmation at the micro level.

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