Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reply to: Atheism Was Instrumental In Guiding Me To Classical Liberalism.

The fact that you are searching after truth means that you have chosen an active entrepreneurial spirit over a latent one. I am not saying that science (classical liberalism is an example of science that uses the correct methodology for studying human action) does not lead to truth. On the contrary it is one of the most powerful tools of discovery. Science, if it is erroneous (empiricism in social sciences, for example), can also lead astray.

That is the same problem with religion.

When put on even ground, then, both science and religion have the same potentials - good and bad.

Now, how would you regard an individual who only used religion as the sole tool for the discovery of truth? In your mind you probably would regard that individual as imbalanced, I suspect.

Just because religion is a difficult path to traverse since it is plagued with the errors of ego-driven interpretation does not mean that religion is an invalid tool for the discovery of truth. If someone says, "Look at the ridiculousness of Keynesianism; economics is a bunch of bunk!" and then they fall into a mode of a latent entrepreneurial spirit, does that do any good for anyone?

I merely suggest that we have the choice to use all the tools for discovery that are at our disposal. The easy way probably will not yield the best results.

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