Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Political Corruption Comes From Interventionism!

Regardless of the type of government, whether it is a monarchy or a democracy, the consequence of interventionism is always political corruption. This is an undeniable and unavoidable consequence of interventionism.

What possibly can be done about it then? Communism and socialism are not even mentioned here since they are, by definition, interventionist. But how can it be that even the forms that uphold property rights in rhetoric are doomed to failure, to corruption?

The answer lies in the definition of the economy that has now entered the economic literature. The new definition of the economy comes from the divine economy theory which uses subjectivism to construct the Divine Economy Model ©. At its center the divine economy theory redefines the equilibrating force of the economy as a power, divine in origin, just as human beings are divine in origin. Being divine it is beyond total comprehension for humans so it can only be corrupted by any inept (human) attempts to direct or control it.

The finite knowledge of humans cannot contain or understand the infinite workings of a divine institution - the institution referred to as the economy. Each and every act of intervention is therefore a corruption and the results show up in the world as an injustice or a series of injustices.

A precursory idea, laissez-faire, suggests that the economy operates better when it is unhampered. However, the fact of the matter is that any and all acts of intervention hamper the economy from fulfilling its purpose of bringing prosperity to all. The divine economy theory trumps laissez-faire. It is now no longer merely a preference but rather it is understood that science and religion are in harmony and that God created the divine institution of the economy as a natural expression of the human reality and as a tool for prosperity and justice.

Statesmanship will replace political corruption when the economy is allowed to operate according to the divine economy theory.

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