Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Heart Will Be Labeled As The "Divine Economy."

Imagine the economy as an organism. The heart will be labeled as the 'divine economy' and the blood which circulates is the 'nature and role of knowledge.' Capital structure is the skeleton. Capital itself is the foodstuff that nourishes.

To continue the analogy: the feet supporting our organism in its movement represents its property rights. Its ability to stay balanced (its own equilibrium) comes from the market. Its awareness of its surroundings comes from its entrepreneurship.

This is not just any organism, it is a human being and so it has spiritual capacity. The will to act and to transform itself and its surroundings in its endless search for its Creator represents and defines the human spirit.

The divine economy is a composite and sum of its parts. In fact it is greater than its parts and it has qualities that are multi-dimensional, unquantifiable. Nevertheless, its nature is like that of its parts, meaning that the inherent divine capacities of each human being contributes to the whole, expressed as the divine economy.

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